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Frosterize Your Face

Posted June 30, 2016

Ready for the ultimate brain-freeze?

Creative & strategy agency Giants & Gentlemen have released a zany new multi-media campaign for Mac’s Convenience Stores and Circle K’s Froster beverages – the fun, flavourful, slush-based drinks, which are synonymous with summer in Canada.

The campaign, “You Are What You Froster” – drives to a Snapchat filter that lets you “Frosterize” your face. The first filter is live today, Thursday June 30.

The Snapchat filters enable users to alter their face digitally to match one of the flavours available, resulting in personalized, sharable content. The first Snapchat Filter gives them wildly moving banana peel hair and bright yellow eyes, complete with salsa music for the hair to groove to. The second filter, while still under wraps, will have some explosive fun involved. I shared my Frosterized-face on Instagram.

Read more and see the more images.

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Instagram Escape Room

Posted April 25, 2016

YouTube Preview Image

The Toronto Silent Film Festival has once again turned to Instagram to promote its 2016 Festival by creating the social platform’s first ever Escape Room. In keeping with it’s innovative approach, this is the fourth year the TSFF has used Instagram as an awareness tool for the festival.

This year the festival focused on films that were previously thought to have been destroyed or lost. Lost silent films are unique in that other than the films themselves, there are very few records or little visual information that exists about them. It’s like they never existed or have been trapped in some forgotten space. That’s what led to the insight behind the idea for an Instagram Escape Room.

The escape room is a fully interactive experience where users have to solve clues, find hidden film reels, and unscramble the secret code in order to escape. The entire experience uses a panoramic photo filled with hidden clues and movie props. When the user clicks on any frame, it turns into a POV video where they see themselves searching that area of the room. Each reel contains one letter. Those letters can be combined to create a secret code. There’s only one code that opens the door, so you need to find all seven letters to escape.

Red Lion Canada is the creative agency behind the campaign.
Read more and see the past campaigns.

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Posted November 19, 2015

Toronto-based creative agency The Garden would like to introduce you to the all-new IZ – a company dedicated to the creation of sophisticated and functional clothing for people using wheelchairs, founded by renowned designer Izzy Camilleri. The company enlisted The Garden to help reframe and rebrand its business.

Headlining IZ’s brand relaunch is a new social media campaign called “Fashion IZ Freedom,” that utilizes the power of fashion to get the message out about the importance of making the world a more accessible place.

The campaign calls on people to order a special “Fashion IZ Freedom” t-shirt to raise awareness around accessibility issues. Once they receive the shirt, people are prompted with a card to “take a seat” for accessibility issues across North America by taking a seated selfie while wearing the shirt. They are then encouraged to share their pics with their social networks tagging @IZadaptive and #FashionIZFreedom. One hundred per cent of the proceeds from the t-shirt sales will go towards building ramps in communities across North America.

Read more.

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Putting the ‘U’ in Colour

Posted September 22, 2015

Matchstick is tickled pink to be Crayola Canada’s new social AOR

Matchstick is pleased to announce that it has been named Crayola Canada’s social media agency of record. The Toronto-based social media marketing agency will be responsible for helping Crayola establish a Canadian presence in social media. Matchstick will support Crayola’s Canadian social initiatives to connect the brand with Canadian consumers and educators.

Matchstick will help Crayola Canada to create a sense of community and cultivate strong relationships by developing authenticity, while highlighting Crayola’s family of products and its brand in a relevant way. Matchstick will also help Crayola celebrate the many colourful aspects that make Canadians and Canada unique.

To-date, Matchstick has been helping Crayola develop its Canadian voice on Facebook by mining the deep well of brand stories that have made Crayola the number one crayon company in the world since 1903. Matchstick creates original content and adapts existing content to engage Canadian parents and teachers. The Crayola Canada Facebook page has several areas of focus, including themes such as “Colours of Canada” and “Colour with a ‘U’. It has included content targeted towards parents, such as stories celebrating young artists, and Crayola nostalgia, and content designed to be a resource for teachers, including back-to-school lesson plans and go-to guides for art-infused learning.

Read more.

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6 Billion Hours

Posted June 17, 2015

Volvo’s new XC60 was released with 60 new car feature innovations. The target audience for the vehicle were young professionals and families who were very active online, particularly on YouTube.

Instead of one standard pre-roll ad, Grey Canada set out to hyperlink all the features to “6 billion hours”; the total amount of YouTube content that is typically viewed over the course of a month. That way, the pre-roll ad you were forced to watch would feel more customized to the YouTube video you were waiting to watch…and catch your attention.

They hyperlinked specific YouTube themes and subject matter to specific car features. Team members from Creative, Media and Analytics all worked together 24hrs/day, creating hundreds of XC60 pre-roll videos that delivered trending & topical messages in real time. In addition to ‘standard’ YouTube themes and tags.

Full credits.

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Johnsonville Connects with Canadians

Posted May 27, 2015

YouTube Preview Image
Canadians know that making food delicious is all in the details. That’s why Johnsonville, the biggest sausage brand in the world, is deepening its connection with Canadians through a new campaign that’s celebrating its rich history as an experienced, successful and the most authentic purveyor of quality sausages.

Created in partnership with Cramer-Krasselt, Toronto-based Matchstick and Braque, which adapted the campaign for French Canada, Johnsonville’s campaign aims to surprise and delight Canadian consumers through a number of touchpoints.

The campaign also includes a significant social media component, which was developed by Toronto-based Matchstick, that’s being brought to life on platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Johnsonville’s mobile-optimized website, which will launch at the end of June. It’s sharing content that, while telling the Johnsonville story, uses four other key storytelling themes — the unique flavour of Johnsonville, the backyard experience, the big game at home and a multicultural feast — to promote things like recipe inspirations and barbecue tips.
Read more.

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Whatever, Linda

Posted March 23, 2015

Touchpoint Films is pleased to present Whatever, Linda, a compelling new type of original series that’s bringing network-level production quality to the web series, and changing the way people consume and interact with content online.

Whatever, Linda is a dark and funny dramedy. It’s 1978 and young Linda Thoroughbred is down and out in New York City. The series starts with Linda winning a sweet entry-level gig as a secretary at a high-flying Wall Street financial firm where she recruits her colleagues to stick it to the man through a diabolically lucrative, Madoff-esque Ponzi scheme. The series even includes a few cameos by Graydon Sheppard (Shit Girls Say) as Linda’s neighbour.

The series was created by a team consisting of co-creators, writers, and producers Julian De Zotti and Hannah Cheesman, Toronto and Los Angeles-based interactive agency Secret Location, co-executive producer Mackenzie Donaldson, producer Kevin Saffer and Touchpoint Films, and director Matt Eastman.

View the series trailer above. Read more.

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Matthew Frost as Matthew Frost

Posted February 4, 2015

I’m a BIG fan of director Matthew Frost’s work, and am happy to see this film on FREE’s The Creator Class.

Directed by Paul Johnston and Adam Beck, Content turns the camera around, as Matthew Frost plays Matthew Frost in this self-aware doc about filmmaking in a celebrity-saturated internet age. Peer into Matthew’s daily life and learn about a creative process that blends the efficiency of a commercial film with a sense of humor in a world that takes itself too seriously. Beyond all else, learn from a Creator who has made lightning strike again and again with a viral, modern-day genre all it’s own.

Read more.

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The Creator Class

Posted November 19, 2014

For Creators, By Creators – Toronto-based FREE launches a Millennial-powered digital channel “The Creator Class” in progressive studio partnership with Canon Canada.

“The Creator Class” is a creativity lifestyle channel for those who share their passions for a living. Anchored on YouTube and Instagram, the slate of social programming shares the lives, ambitions, and craft of leading content creatives in Music, Style, Adventure, Arts, and Culture. True to the channel’s collaborative premise, all programming is produced by FREE’s community of leading social storytellers.

Read more.

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Posted April 4, 2014

Yum – Librettogram. Anyone who knows pizza in Toronto knows that Pizzeria Libretto has amazing pizza.

UNION realized that Instagram, the social media home to seemingly everyone’s food photos, was a natural fit for Libretto and created Librettogram.

Each pizza on Libretto’s menu was photographed in all its luscious glory and then cropped into nine separate shots. Uploaded and viewed in Instagram’s Grid View, they re-form into individual pizzas. Users can scroll through the entire menu at the flick of a finger. Clicking on each picture brings up a mouth-watering close up as well as a bite-sized piece of information about the quality of the ingredients and the precise attention that go into that specific pizza. By reframing the VPN story into a format and medium our target engages with every day, we were able to deepen customers’ appreciation for what Pizzeria Libretto does and strengthen their connection to the restaurant.

Read more.

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