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Never Grow Up

Posted September 26, 2014

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This year marks the 30th birthday of Toys”R”Us Canada. As the company matures into adulthood, what better time for the brand to pledge a promise to its supporters to remain forever young.

Toronto-based creative agency Open created a film dedicated to the young at heart, be they young, old, or somewhere in between. The message is a playful reminder to never grow up and a shout-out to those who stay playful by doing the things they love. A corresponding Facebook app, called “Never Grow Up”, was created to allow users to take the Toys “R” Us oath online. After submitting their own oaths of what they will always do to stay young, a map then shows their location, along with others, to create a cross Canada portrait of the young at heart.

Read more.

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Can You Rhyme Video?

Posted May 7, 2014

MJZ’​s Hoffman / Metoyer released a new app called RHYMES. Inspired by their film WORDS, this minimalist designed puzzle game challenges you to identify objects and actions with one simple clue: it all rhymes.

Arcade Edit’s Nick Rondeau edited all the short clue clips for the app, and and he also did the sound design and color correct too.

Want to play? The RHYMES app is free to download on iTunes.

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Proof that Santa is Real

Posted December 19, 2013

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This year instead of giving gifts, Toronto shop Zulu Alpha Kilo is giving you the ability to prove that Santa is real with the Kringl app. It’s a new mobile app that lets you create magic with video to bring Santa to life, right in your living room.

The video above explains how it works. Download it here. Nicely done guys.

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Open’s Magical Toy Book

Posted December 10, 2013

Toronto-based creative shop Open has utilized augmented reality to bring Toys“R”Us, Canada’s holiday Toy Book to life.

The Toys“R”Us 64-page Toy Book is a magical catalogue filled with this year’s hottest toys and gadgets. In fact, it’s the biggest and most magical Toy Book ever and it’s here to help parents and gift givers find the perfect toy by giving them a ticket into Toys”R”Us’ holiday toy town. This year the Toy Book is even more magical as the book’s cover comes to life with vibrant animation and sound via the use of augmented reality.

Toronto-based creative agency Open imagined and designed the magical holiday toy town featured on the cover of the book. By utilizing augmented reality technology, a little bit of modern day magic was incorporated into the cover to help bring the holiday toy town to life and show readers how the toys themselves celebrate the holidays.

Read more.

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YouShouldTotallyMeet the App

Posted November 25, 2013

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YouShouldTotallyMeet, the Facebook app developed by four Toronto friends that lets you play match-maker by hooking people in your network of friends, is going mobile. To get the app mobile they have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $25,000.

They also have a great new partner on their team, Ed Lum, the co-founder of Lavalife. And take a look the contribution perks. A $1000 includes a night out with my friend Anne Ngo, one of the app’s founders. Anne is super smart and fun (also crazy good looking). Go ahead, donate a grand.

Get the full scoop here.

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Posted October 28, 2013

Dubble, the double exposure photography app, lets users shoot and upload images which are then matched with a random stranger’s.

Dubble was founded by Adam Cook, a photographer and former MD of Lomography UK, and developers Angelo Semeraro, Ben Joyce and Uldis Pirags, and it’s free to download from the app store.

“I’m from a photography background and have always loved shooting and developing film. I also used to like doing ‘doubles’ – swapping film with other photographers and developing each others’ pictures,” says Cook.

“I got very into smartphone photography in 2011 and 12 but there was still something missing: that element of surprise when you’re developing film and have no idea how it will turn out. One day, I was walking home from work and thought it would be really good to make an app that brought that experience to smartphones,” he explains.

Random doubling will probably create more bizarre imagery than good, but that’s half the fun of Dubble.

Scooped from Creative Review’s blog.

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Think Dirty

Posted October 1, 2013

A new iPhone app wants you to “Think Dirty™” and join in on “30 Days of Dirty”.

To promote their official launch, Think Dirty™, a new app that makes personal care shopping much cleaner, has launched 30 Days of Dirty, an inaugural campaign to inform consumers of the potentially toxic ingredients in cosmetics and to raise funds for Breast Cancer Fund.

Available for free download via Apple’s App Store, Think Dirty™ is an app that helps consumers understand the ingredients in cosmetic and personal care products in order to avoid potentially toxic ingredients.

A video outlining how the app works is above.

Read more about Think Dirty™ and 30 Days of Dirty here.

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Posted July 25, 2013

YouTube Preview Image

I love this idea. It’s amazing how in 641 square feet, I often can’t find my keys. Love it for tracking items that might get stolen – like a bike. One question though – the battery life is only a year. What happens after that? How much to replace it?

There was a 25% off period – but in ended two days ago. More info here.

Anyone bought one? Planning on getting one?

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Apps for Abuse

Posted July 11, 2013

YouTube Preview Image

Toronto-based agency UNION has created a new online video on behalf of Interval House, Canada’s first shelter for abused women, to show that while the technology has changed, the problem of abuse hasn’t.

Mimicking the smartphone “reveal” commercials we see so often, wherein companies unveil their new smartphone tech, the ad subverts audience expectations for such ads to show just how much control a smartphone can give an abuser, as well as how that control can make it even harder for women to seek help from facilities like Interval House.

The spot also features a cameo by my GF Hillary Pitcher.

Read more.

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Posted May 7, 2013

YouTube Preview Image

There’s a new Facebok app that takes the guess-work out of online dating.

Developed by four Toronto friends in their 30s who work in the Toronto advertising scene, YouShouldTotallyMeet is a new Facebook app that relies on your online network of friends to set you up and find your match.

This simple-to-use app allows users to pair up single friends (who have common interests) over Facebook – a medium where social barriers are easily overcome. This helps friends who run in different social circles meet without awkwardness or pretense. In essence, the app’s user becomes an online matchmaker. 

Read more.

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