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TV Commercial

This is Painful to Watch

Posted August 20, 2014

YouTube Preview Image
Rethink’s latest for Science World is painful to watch…in the best possible way. Who knew a kick in the groin could be so educational?

Directed by OPC//FamilyStyle and Recommended director Chris Woods, the ad made for the children’s science museum won’t be allowed to air on television. Canadian censors deemed the script too violent for TV. Good thing there’s the internet.

Here are some other favourite facts that Rethink has brought to life over the last 13 years for Science World.

Shout out to my friends at Crush who did the VFX. Full credits.

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Dirty Little Habit

Posted July 23, 2014

YouTube Preview Image

I like me some Nun humour. And a British accent.

Here’s a fun little spot from Saatchi & Saatchi New York for Tide directed by Community Films‘ Matt Smukler.

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Paid for in Meat

Posted July 22, 2014

YouTube Preview Image

Montana’s has releases the  world’s first ad campaign paid for in meat.

To prove that Montana’s Best of BBQ Sampler event is irresistible, the Montana’s team tried to shoot an entire ad campaign by bartering with BBQ ribs, sausages, chicken, brisket, and shrimp. And it worked.

Created by Vancouver-based ad agency One Twenty Three West, Montana’s surprised real businesses in Toronto by simply walking in and offering a plate of BBQ meat in exchange for goods and services.

Over two days of bartering and shooting, they received a psychic reading, an MMA lesson, a manicure, a yoga lesson, men’s skin care products, some new shoes, a haircut, a bouquet of flowers, an area rug, a massage (view below) and even a real tattoo.

But the bartering didn’t end there. The entire production crew and the advertising agency agreed to take part of their payment in BBQ.

Read more and see more of the films..
YouTube Preview Image

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Neil Patrick Harris for Heineken Light

Posted July 21, 2014

YouTube Preview Image

I love Neil Patrick Harris. And this spot for Heineken Light is awesome. I hear there are more spots rolling out in this campaign too. Yay.

It’s created by W+K NY, directed by Arts & Sciences‘ Tom Scharpling and edited by Arcade Edit’s Will Hasell.

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Rudy’s Back

Posted July 14, 2014

YouTube Preview Image

Nice – Sean Astin reprises his role as Rudy in this commercial for ESPN that explains the new College Football Playoff.

Arcade Edit’s Jeff Ferruzzo edited the spot, directed by Ray Tintori of M SS NG P ECES, for W+K New York.

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A Good Gag

Posted July 3, 2014

YouTube Preview Image
Here’s a fantastic little spot that shows that you don’t need a big client to make great work.

This little spot for American Signature Furniture was created by Translation, directed by Harold Einstein (dummy), and edited by Dave Anderson who is now at Arcade Edit (this spot was done at Mackenzie Cutler).

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Getting it on With Downy

Posted July 2, 2014

I love director Margo Weathers’ fashionable eye, and I love that she’s brought that to this new Downy spot for Grey New York.

Weathers, who created this commercial via Supply&Demand, describes the spot as a threesome between a man, a woman and their clothes. The spot reminds me a bit of Axe’s “Getting Dressed“, one of my favourite spots ever, but I’m ok with that.

View more of Margo’s work on her YouTube channel. Margo is repped by Holiday Films in Canada.

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VISA for FIFA World Cup

Posted June 13, 2014

YouTube Preview Image

Clever. I love this spot. VISA’s new World Cup spot features some of the world’s most peaceful people, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, getting all fired-up talking about their teams.

“United in Rivalry” features Oscar Arias (Costa Rica, 1987 winner), Leymah Gbowee (Liberia, 2011 winner), Sir Bob Geldof (Ireland, 2006 nominee), David Trimble (Northern Ireland, 1998 winner) and Lech Walesa (Poland, 1983 winner).

It was created by BBDO New York, directed by  Moxie Pictures‘ Errol Morris (director of The Fog of War and The Thin Blue Line) and it was edited by Kim Bica, Arcade Edit.

Full credits.

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Pretty Brilliant

Posted June 12, 2014

YouTube Preview Image

Girls aren’t just pretty, they are pretty brilliant.

In conjunction with MAKERS, a website dedicated to showing the stories of women, Verizon has launched “Inspire Her Mind.”

The first spot. above and directed by Community Films’ Pam Thomas, shows a girl in situations where she is either encouraged to be more girlie, or less like a boy.

The campaign is in line with Verizon’s work to encourage children to become interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through the Verizon Foundation. Created by AKQA, the campaign was born out of research that shows there’s a significant drop-off in women interested in these fields between childhood and adulthood.

Found via AdWeek. It’s their Ad of the Day.

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Dads are the Best

Posted June 10, 2014

YouTube Preview Image
Here’s another heartwarming spot for Cheerios – this one is out just in time for Father’s Day to remind us how great Dads are.

My Dad once drove a cube van 5 hours for me, helped me move in all my stuff, and then he drove 5 hours home right after. My Dad’s the best. Oh, and I was moving to intern – not even a real job!

“Night Drive” was created by Saatchi & Saatchi New York and directed by Community Films‘ Matt Smukler – the same people who brought you “Gracie” for Cheerios.

Nice work guys. Full credits.

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