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Archive June, 2012

The Sevens

Posted June 6, 2012

YouTube Preview Image
Introducing The Sevens – an innovative blend of technology, film and gaming.

The Sevens, launched today on Secret Location’s website, is a multi-layered narrative experience will also live online at whatarethesevens.com and can be enjoyed on a number of levels: as a short film, an interactive game or a fully immersive mystery in which users can participate.

“The interactive film is the start of a larger narrative that we’ll continue to build on over the next year and beyond,” explains company founder James Milward. “A lot of the time the most experimental ideas we have aren’t appropriate or are too risky to hinge the success of our clients on. As a result, we built this experience as a sandbox for us to play in and experiment with ideas, techniques and technology in a way that will prove concept with real users.”

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