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Play With Your Food

Posted February 5, 2013 No Comments

YouTube Preview Image
Bugles – The Game That You Can Eat

Cossette Toronto and Untitled Films director Curtis Wehrfritz have some fun playing with their food in the latest for Bugles.

These six web films and three print ads for General Mills’ Bugles bring some fun to snack time. You can toss them, test your wits, stack them, play charades or just eat them. With over 100 edible game pieces included in every bag, it’s endless, gaming, snacking fun.

Bugles is a quirky, odd shaped snack from General Mills that’s been around since 1966. The objective of this campaign is to revitalize this nostalgic brand and make it fun and top of mind again. After all, who doesn’t remember playing with Bugles as a kid. Playing off this insight, the concept from Cossette Toronto was to advertise Bugles as a game, rather than a snack. And so it was born – The Game That You Can Eat!


Client: General Mills
Brand: Bugles
Campaign Title: The Game That You Can Eat
Titles: Games, Chess, Toss, Act, Dress, Build

Agency: Cossette, Toronto
Creative Director: Daniel Vendramin
Copywriter: Anthony Atkinson
Art Director: Greg Kouts, Daniel Vendramin
Account Team: Jason Melhuish, Erin O’Connor, Janis Lindenbergs
Agency Producer: Sarah Moen

Production Company: Untitled Films
Director: Curtis Wehrfritz
Director of Photography: Justin Beattie
Executive Producer: Chilo Fletcher
Line Producer: Rosalyn Hegan

Post Production: School Editing
Editor: Aaron Dark
Colourist: Eric Whipp (Alter Ego)
Audio/Music: Eggplant

Chess ‘Its
YouTube Preview Image

Toss ‘Ems
YouTube Preview Image
Act ‘Ems
YouTube Preview Image
Dress ‘Ups
YouTube Preview Image
Stack ‘Ems
YouTube Preview Image

The print campaign

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