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Foursquare for Dogs

Posted February 6, 2013 No Comments

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Yep, you read that right. Your furry friend can now check in where he pees. Well, not unless he evolves and grows thumbs. It’s your phone, you can check your dog in.

Poolhouse, founded by Geoffrey Roche (founder of Lowe Roche) and his son Alexandre Roche, has launched a new and improved version of Dogbook. Not only is there a new fresh look that’s easier to navigate, but now it also includes Foursquare for dogs. You check in at your favorite local haunts so why shouldn’t your dog? Dogbook, the popular canine social networking tool used by over 3.5 million members, has unveiled 15 new features that facilitate deeper connections between dogs – and their owners, too.

Some of the new features, which are geared towards empowering discovery, include: the ability to check-in to regular spots, earn badges and become a Top Dog at places such as Fire Hydrants, Parks, Stores, even the Butcher, yum. And when you check in all your dog’s friends will see so they can come meet you at the park too! There’s even a Meet Friends feature to help your dog connect with local would-be playmates.

There’s also a weekly newsfeed with over two million viewers featuring inspiring stories and photos for dog lovers worldwide. Other features include a search function that helps find fellow canines by breed or location; improved profiles that include cover photos and larger, crisper higher resolution photos with retina display; as well as whimsical features such as Birthdays, Best in Show contests and voting on Polls.

The new features are highlighted in a new web video, “Dogbook II: Breaking Wind” in which Beans Howl Barkington III stakes his claim to a gleaming red fire hydrant in a distinctly canine way, before being declared the location’s Top Dog.

“Dogs are no longer just dogs,” says Geoffrey Roche, Co-founder of Dogbook, “ They’re family and these new features help make that bond even stronger than before. The mobile space is very exciting and we want our members to be able to use all these improvements to help their best friends be BFF and ever.”

Taking advantage of Dogbook’s enhanced features, pet supplies site Wag.com started a month-long ad buy that began on January 22nd and ends on February 23rd, 2013.

“Wag.com is doing a great job in a competitive space,” says Roche. “We are excited to have them as a partner as we launch the exciting new features and look of Dogbook.”

Dogbook was created in 2007 by Lowe Roche founder Geoffrey Roche and his son, Alexandre Roche to help dog owners be able to truly keep a daily diary of their dog’s life. The duo has since launched popular sister sites Catbook, Horsebook and are currently developing other applications.

Dogbook has over 3.5 million installed users, with the majority in North America. Other major markets include the UK and Australia.

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Video Credits:
Director: Good Dear Good, Family Style
Writer: Rob Sturch
Producer: Isil Gilderdale
Editor: Aaron Dark, School Editing
Music: Ted Rosnick, RMW
Media Contact:
Geoffrey Roche
Co-Founder, Poolhouse
Mobile: 416-409-2524

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