More info on "Listen to Your Lips" from Psyop:

The brief was to create a surreal, playful, and sensual visual interpretation of the Baileys taste experience. Sensual but not overtly sexual.

Given the core idea of having Baileys drip onto a series of isolated lips, we set about exploring a range of styles from a 70's inspired airbrushed look to more photo-real to a more graphic approach, finally honing in on a hyper-real surreality which felt sensual and appetizing but not too sexual.

After planning out the "story" in storyboards and a 3-D previsualization, and after a great casting session(!), the lips and some of the liquid was shot, treated in post, and then combined with some 3-D liquid elements from Realflow, and all composited together in 2-D.

Title: Listen To Your Lips
Product: Baileys
Client: Diageo
Baileys Global Brand Director: Sharon Keith
Communications Director: Tommy Kinsella
Communications Manager: James Payne
Cost Consultant: Elaine Taylor

Agency: JWT, London
Creative Director: Adam Scholes
Creative Director: Hugh Todd
Creative: Ronnie Vlcek
Creative: Bruno Xavier
Producer: Toby Clifton
Producer: Denise Connell
Assistant Producer: Jack Bayley
Business Director: James Whitehead
Account Director: Marianna Controudas

Production Company: Stink, London/Psyop, New York
Director: Psyop
Psyop Creative Directors: Marie Hyon, Marco Spier
Executive Producer: Mungo Maclagan (Stink), Lucia Grillo (Psyop)
Producer: Anna Smith (Stink), Mariya Shikher (Psyop)
Associate Producer: Tarun Charaipotra
Live Action Producer: Nic Wrathall
Designers: Kim Dulaney, Anh Vu
Editors: Cass Vanini, Will Znidaric, Graham Brennan
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
CG Supervisor: Pakorn Bupphavesa
CG Artist: Richard Magan
FX TD: Miguel Salek
Previz Artist: Gerald Ding
Shading/Lighting: Marco Iozzi
Modeler: Lee Wolland
Lead Composite Artist: Jason Conradt
Composite Artists: Danny Kamhaji, Manu Gaulot
Flame Artists: Jamie Scott, Dan Boujoulian
Shoot/Tracking Supervisor: Joerg Liebold
Lead Roto Artist: Leslie Chung
Roto Artist: Joseph Brigati, Joshua Bush, Alejandro Monzon, Rich Pernice