Radiohead: House of Cards

Production Company: Zoo Films, Los Angeles
Director: James Frost
Producer: Dawn Fanning
Technical Director: Aaron Koblin
Executive Producers: Justin Glorieux, Gower Frost
Director of Photography: Yon Thomas

3D Real-time capture engineered by Geometric Informatics Inc. (performance and party)
Software and Hardware Development: Dale Royer, Luke Farrer, Song Zhang

3D Laser Imaging Equipment: Velodyne Lidar Inc.
Field Application Engineer: Rick Yoder
Business Development Manager: Mike Dunbar

Processing of Lidar Data: 510 Systems
Chief Engineer: Pierre-Yves Droz
System Administrator: Troy Thompson
CEO: Suzanna Musick

Additional Lidar footage supplied by: Aerotec
Aerotec/Chief Executive Officer: James W. Dow
Aerotec/Land Modeling Specialist/LIDAR: William Wallace
Aerotec/Land Modeling Supervisor: Casey Scott

Editorial Company: Union Editorial
Editor: Nicholas Wayman Harris
Assistant Editor: Nathan Cal

Visual Effects By The Syndicate
Visual Effects Supervisor: Ben Grossmann
Visual Effects Producer: Magdalena Wolf
Managing Director: Kenny Solomon
CG Supervisor: Adam Watkins
CG Technical Director: Rodrigo Teixeira
FX Animators: Sam Khorshid, Attila Zalanyi
CG Artist: Duane Stinnett
Compositing Supervisor: Alex Henning
Flame Artists: Verdi Sevenhuysen, Mike Ek, Kevin McDonald
Editorial Consultant: Adam Gerstel
Chief Engineer: Albert Soto
System Administrator: Lap Luu
IT Assistant: Thuy Le

Lead Girl: Lauren Maher

Studio and equipment provided by: G-Star Studios , West Palm Beach, FL