Blacklist EP, Adina Sales (front), presents the guys behind the short film "Loom" (from left to right);
Joel (Waveplant - Audio), Jan, Pit, Ilija and Csaba (Polynoid).

Blacklist party goers enjoyed the Artwork and Short films.

Polynoid were proud to debut their latest animated short, Loom.

Joel, Adina & Jan.

Gisela (Smuggler), Jan & Pit (Polynoid) Joel (Waveplant), Adina (Blacklist), Sarah & Marco (Psyop) & Csaba (Polynoid).

The Polynoid boys generally misbehaving.

Fellow Blacklist director Pistachios, Gisela (Smuggler), Marie (Psyop) and Adina (Blacklist) joined the crowd.

Guests of the party were surrounded by Polynoid's artwork.

Ellen & Anthony (Y+R) enjoyed the artsy atmosphere.

Jason (Psyop) lent a helping hand with sharing out some of the tasty hors d'oeuvres

David, Roy (Y+R) & Judi (Saatchi) enjoyed a cool PBR.