Psyop's 10th anniversary party at the Red Bull Space in Soho.

Q Department's Jacqui Bosnjak with Creativity's Ann Christine Diaz and Teressa Iezzi.

Guests checking out the art.

Work by Chad Von Nau.

Works by Lauren Indovina.

Work by Gerald Ding.

Psyop founder and director Marie Hyon with a piece by Nagaraj.

Psyop founder and director Marco Spier

Blacklist EP Adina Sales

Baby Psyop.

Guests at the Red Bull Space.

Blacklist's Alexander Unick pointing out his dog as represented in the mobile.

Smuggler's Jacqui Wilkinson (centre) with Issac King and Hannah Sung

Psyop's Kitty Lin and Kay Chen.

Photography by Justin Booth-Clibborn (left) & Kitty Lin & Kay Chen's short film "Awakening" (centre).

The dance floor.

Psyop CCO Justin Booth-Clibborn and me (Shannon Stephaniuk, glossy).