Client: Terminix
Creative Credits: Seeing Is Believing
Agency: Publicis Dallas
Agency Location: Dallas, Texas

Executive Creative Director: Shon Rathbone
Group Creative Director: Julia Melle
Creative Director Copy Writer: Steve Grimes
Creative Director Art Director: Pete Voehringer
Producer: Jaime Roderer

Account Director: Rick Rogers

Production Company: Blacklist
Executive Producers: Adina Sales, Andrew Linsk
Producer: Michael Neithardt
Associate Producer: Patrick Gantert

Direction and Art Direction: Dvein
Design and Character Development: Dvein
Producer: Esther de Udaeta
Post Production: Dvein
Post Production/VFX team: Vando

Audio Record & Mix: HECQ, Ben Lukas Boysen and Infinia, Marc Gonell
Sound Design: HECQ, Ben Lukas Boysen