Ever Wonder?

//  10.28.13

Open taps into the world of wonder in their latest for Wonderlab by Toys“R”Us.

Taking inspiration from the imaginative and inquisitive minds of children, Toronto-based Open has created a new digital out-of-home and in-store point of purchase campaign for Wonderlab, Toys“R”Us’ new learning concept store.

To demonstrate the educational and fun approach of Wonderlab, and to introduce the brand to North Vancouver residents, the digital billboards feature weekly “wonders” or riddles, such as “do elephants read books?” and “do stars float?” The “wonders” are answered in the form of playful in-store posters, reflecting the experience of wondering, playing, and learning.

“The campaign is designed to pique curiosity and drive interest to the store in an on-brand and playful manner,” says Martin Beauvais, Partner Creative, Open. “By changing the campaign elements weekly, we hope to create a fun and informative dialogue between the brand and consumers.”

Wonderlab, which opened its doors in Vancouver this summer, is Toys“R”Us’ first learning concept store and reinforces the company’s role as the expert in educational play. All of the products sold in the store promote learning, discovery, creativity, exploration and role-play.
This is Open’s first campaign for the retailer since the brand’s launch campaign in June. Open’s work on Wonderlab includes developing the complete identity for the new store, from its name and logo to in-store design elements.


Campaign title: Ever Wonder
Client: Toys“R”Us, Inc.
Brand: Wonderlab

Creative Agency: Open
Creative Direction: Martin Beauvais
Strategic Direction: Christian Mathieu
Project Lead: Christine Macdonald
Project Manager: David Power
Art Direction: Jessica Rogers
Writing: Laura Beth Cooper

Advertising, Out of Home