Mad Max Dusty Car Wash

//  05.25.15

Glossy partnered with Toronto-based Lowe Roche to promote its Dusty Car Wash for Universal Films’ Mad Max: Fury Road.

To promote the film, a piece of downtown Toronto was transformed into a post-apocalyptic world – complete with scrap metal, pyrotechnics and of course, coloured smoke grenades. People were invited to bring in their vehicles and have them covered with dust, which became canvases for artists. These artists would then re-create imagery from the movie on each vehicle, including: skulls, flames, gears, movie quotes, and even the title and release date. Once vehicles were covered with artwork, they drove away – creating mobile billboards all around the city. Read more.

Here is some of the traction we obtained on the project: Creativity, FastCompany’s Co.Create, The Drum, ShotsApplied ArtsAgency Spy, Trend Hunter, MediaPost, Creative Criminals, Ads of the World, Narrative is Power, Little Black Book.