Piro creates “Wild Love” for Estée Lauder

//  03.06.17



New York-based Piro has created a new digital ad campaign for Estée Lauder. The comedic “Wild Love” chronicles a vocal switcheroo between Estée Lauder’s spokesmodel Kendall Jenner and Grammy-nominated musical artist Elle King.

When Elle leaves her Estée Lauder Pure Color Love lipstick at Kendall Jenner’s house, she also leaves behind her vocal power. Hilarity ensues as Kendall tries on the lipstick and discovers that she has adopted both Elle’s voice and her rock n’ roll presence. Elle, meanwhile, sounds awful in the studio, and chases down Kendall to get her voice back.

Estée Lauder partnered with award-winning creative and production company Piro, who has been working with brand for five years, to bring the musically-driven project to life. Piro collaborated with singer/songwriter and record producer Chris Braide (Brittney Spears, Beyonce, Lana Del Rey) to find the perfect song for Jenner to sing. Piro selected “Wild Love” and presented it to Estée Lauder, who then chose Elle King – whose song “Ex’s & Oh’s” was recently nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song – as the vocalist.

In creating the narrative for “Wild Love,” New York-based Piro wanted the lipstick to play a pivotal but natural role in the video campaign. They developed the creative concept of Estée Lauder’s lipstick controlling the vocals of a song about love. The video is typical of Piro’s story-telling approach to marketing, featuring a clear beginning, middle and end, as well as set-up, conflict and resolution. “Wild Love” was shot over two days in Los Angeles and was produced by Piro and directed by Piro’s Tim Piper.