Cheers to a More Inclusive Wine Culture

//  02.22.21

Bensimon Byrne has created a series of gifs for Jackson Triggs that have been viewed over 74 million times and shared 2 million times…and counting.

One of the goals of the campaign is to change wine culture, which is overwhelmingly white and not in any way inclusive. This includes the way it is represented on social channels. These wine gifs have really taken off. As of today, they are at just under 75 million views and have had 2 million shares, and are increasing at the rate of 2 million views every couple of days.

We have all seen funny wine gifs that people use to express themselves on social media. You used to have to scroll down about a 1000 gifs before you could find a person of colour, LGBTQ+ or varying physical ability. Bensimon Byrne worked with GIPHY to search and analyze the 200 most popular wine gifs. They then reshot them with a diverse cast and crew and paid to have them at the top of search. It has really taken off, including a gif which received 40 million views on the day of the capital riots in the US and people used the “it’s fine” gif. The gifs have crossed over from wine culture to pop culture. They also worked with a Paralympian and contestant from Drag Race as influencers to create the gifs.

The top performing gifs are embedded in this post and you can view all the gifs here.

“I’m proud of this campaign in many ways,” says Joseph Bonnici, Partner and Executive Creative Director, Bensimon Byrne. “The biggest wine brand in Canada is taking a stand to make the entire wine world more inclusive. That goes from everything from their business practices, to the way they design their estates for accessibility, to their marketing, to their labels, to their support for diverse winemakers. It’s a huge undertaking for the brand, which is by far the biggest wine in Canada, and sells more than 1 wine bottle per Canadian, over 38 million bottles per annum.”

This initiative is part of the larger campaign.