Canadian Down Syndrome Society

//  05.04.21

Glossy partnered with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society and FCB Canada on “Mindsets“, a global, first-of-its-kind, research study to collect data to examine whether physical and brain exercise should be an integral part of cognitive therapies for people with Down syndrome.

The study, in partnership with Dr. Dan Gordon and his research team from Anglia Ruskin University and with Dr. Michael Merzenich and his team from BrainHQ, is charting the effects of brain and physical exercise on the abilities of people in the Down syndrome community. The effects of fitness on people with Down syndrome hasn’t been studied extensively, and because of this lack of data, many doctors and parents in the community continue to believe that fitness is not important for people with Down syndrome. The hope is to prove that fitness could be one of the most powerful but overlooked tools to improve cognition for people with Down syndrome.

If successful, the goal of the study is to publish the findings in an effort to make exercise an integral part of therapies for people with Down syndrome globally. Learn more here.

Here’s some of the coverage on the launch of the research study.
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This is the 5th year that Glossy has partnered with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society  on its awareness campaigns. Previous projects include the highly acclaimed and globally awarded “Down Syndrome Answers“, “Anything but Sorry”, and “Project Understood”, all created in partnership with FCB Canada.