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Archive January, 2012

Vinyl Sleeveface

Posted January 31, 2012

Here’s a entertaining collection of 24 Vinyl Sleeveface photographs. Not sure if they are by a single person, or just a a random collection from around the web. Either way, they are cool.

Scooped from K7 & Daily Dawdle.

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Barbie Art Tribute

Posted January 31, 2012

I loved Barbie growing up. Super Star Barbie (1977) and Ballerina Barbie (1976) were my favourites. And I love this project by Jocelyne Grivaud which incorporates the iconic doll into some of the world’s most famous works of art.

Click to view more. Scooped from Flavorwire.

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Bear 71

Posted January 27, 2012

Jam3, in collaboration with the National Film Board, have just completed the interactive documentary, Bear 71. The multi-user experience launched alongside an installation at the Sundance festival entitled “Bear 71 Live”. The narrative follows the life of a female grizzly bear in Canada’s Banff National Park from the moment she is tagged and collared by park rangers to the moment of her untimely death. Created by Jeremy Mendes and Leanna Allison, the story is narrated by Mia Kirshner from the bear’s perspective, but users witness it through real footage collected from surveillance cameras that encompass the park.

Read more and see a video showcasing the project.

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Dogbook Gets Dogline

Posted January 27, 2012

Humans get Timeline. Dogs get Dogline. Dogbook has rolled out a new look with a Surabu ad buy.

Canine social networking site Dogbook, created by Geoffrey Roche, who is also the founder of Lowe Roche, and his son Alexandre, the all-new design, which rolled out this week, offers dog lovers a 300% larger profile picture, bigger news feed photos, a new My Life Story section, a Dog Years Calculator, a customizable My Favorites section, that are all part of the new Dogbook “Dogline”Features. Also included in the update are a Happy Birthday Video feature, and a faster high-definition photo uploader.

See the vids, read more.

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Multi-Device Game Play Experience

Posted January 27, 2012

YouTube Preview Image
Toronto-based Kolody has launches first of its kind multi-device game play experience for Johnny Test. The ground-breaking new game play experience developed for Canadian cable network Teletoon has become the first ever to allow players to place multiple iOS devices side-by-side and play co-operatively as if using one screen.

Read more.

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Spontaneous Ignites for Red Bull

Posted January 25, 2012

Here’s some visually stunning new work from Spontaneous.

When energy drink brand Red Bull asked Other Films director Scott Duncan to helm the opening for their new Signature Series program on NBC, he partnered with NYC-based Spontaneous to handle design, VFX and compositing for the piece.

Shot on location in Breckinridge and Glammis Dunes, the opening features stunning footage of extreme athletes performing breathtaking maneuvers in truly epic locations set to a dynamic score and sound design. Creating custom typography, extending environments and pushing the in-camera magic further towards the impossible, made for a fun and high-energy start to the new year for Spontaneous.

Full credits.


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Art of the Sandwich

Posted January 24, 2012

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Actually, I’m not a big fan. I know it’s weird. Not a big bread person. I like the stuff in the middle of the sandwiches though. And no, this isn’t some weird chick carb thing (I’d eat pizza everyday if I could). I’m just not a sandwich girl. When I was little, my mom would have to make me soup for lunch because I wouldn’t eat sandwiches.

I digress. Here’s a super cool sandwich-loving art-inspired project by Brittany Powell and Tae Kitakata (aka the cleverly titled partnership Low-Commitment Projects). Don’t you wish you’d thought of this?

Scooped from Psyop on Facebook who scooped it from ShortList Magazine.

See More.

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Funnovations Inc.

Posted January 23, 2012

Psyop recently completed 13 spots for Old Navy via CP+B, now that all 13 have aired, we’d like to share with you the four that make Psyop (and myself) super happy – like puppies, unicorns and rainbows happy.

“For this campaign we wanted to create a factory like one no-one has ever seen,” says Psyop. “We wanted to make it more of a funhouse than a warehouse – like Santa had a falling out with his head elf and the elf quit and started his own company with Sun Ra and Takashi Murakami and they hired Willy Wonka as the CEO.” adds Psyop.

Read More.

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Blacklist for Ray-Ban

Posted January 23, 2012

Glossy worked with New York based Blacklist to announce their signing of director Saiman Chow and promote his first spot with them, “Rare Prints” for Ray-Ban, via Marcel, Paris.

The stop-motion spot is based on a print ad Ray-Ban had already created featuring nesting dolls. Loving the concept of the matryoshka dolls, Chow wanted to push it further to create a fun and unique animation with many layers that is surprising to the viewer.

“The layers are made of different materials which help add interest to the animation,” explains Chow. “The components are handmade and it is important for them to convey that tactile sense throughout the piece. As the animation is a short one, only 15 seconds, so we wanted to have the piece be visual feast for the entire time frame.”

Chow used a broad range of materials to create the piece. The model’s head is made with clay, yarn for the skull and different color paper for the beard. Chow wanted each head within the piece to reflect a distinctive personality and contrast against each other. ”We also used a live chameleon, which was a nice addition against the handmade props,” adds Chow. “The sensibility and timing of the piece was based on the Mondrian styled sunglasses. We wanted the pacing to have a turn of the century, French accordion like feel.”

View an article on the spot in Communication Arts.

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Style Frames

Posted January 23, 2012

Stash is launching a new design conference focused on the complex world of pitching – from the most beautiful style frames to the thorniest of issues. It’s being held in beautiful Buenos Aires, May 10-11, 2012. Speakers include Justin Leibow (superfad), Mischa Rozema (PostPanic) and Alex Webster (The Mill) – just to name a few.  Complete info.

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