2012 VW Beetle Launch

//  01.11.12

The Volkswagen Beetle has been many things over the years. But whether playing the role of the friendly, utilitarian car of the people, or a smile-on-wheels with a flower vase by the steering wheel, it’s also always been a single-minded exercise in progressive, iconic design. The latest incarnation of the Beetle is no exception. Although lurking beneath a shell that harkens back to the original is a machine that’s dedicated to performance and driving enjoyment.

While a focus on performance is definitely a new direction for the Beetle, innovation has always been a hallmark of the car’s personality, so Volkswagen Canada and Toronto advertising agency, Red Urban, agreed that innovation must also inform the marketing effort to launch the Beetle in Canada. To this end, much of the Beetle out of home advertising in Toronto and Vancouver offers an enhanced experience, using augmented reality (AR), a technology that allows people to use mobile devices like iPhones and iPads to see animations on the advertising that are triggered by markers embedded in the ads themselves.

Red Urban Canada and Volkswagen Canada brought Glossy on to get the word out about this innovative ad campaign.

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