Design with Psyop in Cannes

//  06.22.09

Design with Psyop in Cannes

As you may or may not know, Psyop’s Justin Booth-Clibborn, Marie Hyon and Marco Spier are doing a Workshop in Cannes this week (Wednesday from 3-5pm at the Palais). They have just added a new interactive element to their workshop.

“Good design starts with a good concept,” Says Justin Booth-Clibborn, Managing Partner, Psyop. “Taking the germ of an idea and running with it. In that spirit, and to demonstrate the importance of play, spontaneity and creative exploration, delegates will be divided into groups, given a music track, posterboard, some markers and a range of interesting visuals and will be asked to come up with a concept or story inspired by the music. Work will be presented, prizes will be given, fun will be had.”

An example of this “play, spontaneity and creative exploration”, is the picture I used for this post. It’s a picture of Marie Hyon along with Santogold that Marie and Marco created to experiment with in the creative process of creating My Drive Thru for Converse. See the full size pics here.

Full seminar info is here. Hope to see you there.