Caca Grande

//  06.14.11

Caca Grande

Yep, you read right. Caca Grande (big poop) – is the first in a series of unique children’s books. This one is a collaboration with Mexican artist Carlos Amorales and designed and published by Blok Design and Editorial RM.

Blok Design is probably one of the most interesting and innovative creative shops that you may have never heard of. Their vast portfolio is a veritable feast of beautiful work that includes a tableware line, product design, brand and corporate identity and editorial design.

Blok’s other recent works include the One Show Gold Pencil winning (for book design) PAR – a book, featuring the portrait photography of Michael Faye, that celebrates the African American golfers who fought prejudice for the right to play the game they loved to the highest level.

Blok has also collaborated with, and is continuing to work with, the world-renowned architect, Alberto Kalach, on the ambitious plan to reclaim Lake Texcoco in Mexico and transform the social, environmental and urban dynamics of Mexico City. Blok approached Kalach with the idea of producing a book about the 10-year project in order to create understanding and awareness and inspire others to get involved. This resulted in the recent release of the book, Mexico Ciudad Futura. Blok helped raise funds, and served as designer, editor and publisher.

Blok Design was founded in Toronto in 1998 by Vanessa Eckstein, who relocated Blok to Mexico from 2003-2010 and then back to Toronto this past October. The return to the city of its inception also marks a rebirth for the company with the addition of Marta Cutler as Partner, an award-winning copywriter with over twenty years of experience in advertising.