The Echo Project

//  02.27.14

Are you ever sad when you finish a book because it’s over and you want more?

The Echo Project, created and conceived by Dare Toronto for Penguin Canada, is a page-for-page digital interpretative experience of Khaled Hosseini’s best-selling novel, And the Mountains Echoed.

This ambitious creative undertaking is a digital exploration of each of the 402 pages of the novel, which Dare began working on last year. The project will be unveiled in its near entirety and promoted within the paperback set for sale in June of this year.

View a case study of the project above.

This project, a digital companion of sorts, has actively involved contributions from Khaled Hosseini himself, magazine editors, TV & radio personalities, producers, authors, painters and illustrators. Each contributor chose a page that inspired them and offered ideas about what their page should be or what they saw in their minds, where others told the creative team at DARE how they felt about what they read, leaving it open for the Agency to develop on their behalf. In a few extraordinary cases, a contributor provided a finished, interactive page.

“We hoped it would evolve and take on a life of its own. And it has,” says Paul Little, DARE’s executive creative director. “The concept was a framework to allow any content that helped embellish, explain or express. And because of the range of content, it needed it to be flexible enough to allow for spontaneity and fan contribution.”

The Echo Project features an unique assortment of interactive puzzles, motion graphics, videos, illustrations, audio and video that allow the reader to explore themes that are complimentary to the story, like references to history and culture.

The Echo Project Contributors to date:

To date, the following individuals have contributed pages to the project. Click on Table of Contents at to view each contributor’s page:

Khaled Hosseini, Author, And the Mountains Echoed
Ann Wilson, Painter
Shane Rebenschied, Illustrator
Jian Ghomeshi, Host and Co-Creator of Q on CBC Radio & CBC TV
Katie Johnson, Producer, Canada AM
Dan Purdy
Marina Nemat, Author
Laurie Grassi, Chatelaine Books Editor
Jocelyn Asnong, Café Books
Neil Pasricha, Author, The Book of Awesome
Will Ferguson, Author
Nicole Winstanley, President and Publisher of Penguin Canada
Noreen Flanagan, Editor in Chief, Elle Canada

The Echo Project
Creative Agency: Dare Toronto
Executive Creative Director: Paul Little
Associate Creative Director: Chris Obergfell
Art Director: Craig Ferguson
Writer: Tal Wagman
Illustrator: Melissa Bashura
Illustrator: Leah Vlemmiks
VP & Director of Planning: Andre Louis
VP Social & Innovation: Ian Barr
Account Supervisor: Katie Rakoczy

Client: Penguin Canada
Director of Publicity: Ashley Audrain
Marketing Director : Charidy Johnston
VP, Marketing & Publicity: Beth Lockley