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//  09.12.14

Sovereign State Celebrates Toronto Culture with Unique Event

Toronto-based Idea consultancy Sovereign State is paying homage to the city it calls home with a unique event celebrating Hogtown’s cultural and commercial growth.

Taking place at the iconic Gladstone Hotel on Friday, September 26, the event will be centred on the launch of a print series by Sovereign State sister brand State Goods. The series features artwork from Sovereign State designers, artists and collaborators, including illustrator Nimit Malavia, current cover artist for the DC Comics series Fables, motion graphics designer and film director Jullian Ablaza, Art Director and Designer Ibraheem Youssef, and Sovereign State Creative Director Joel Gregorio. Each print features iconic Toronto imagery that any resident would recognize as being uniquely endemic to the city. One print, for example, features the alphabet as Toronto-centric icons like the TTC, Sam the Record Man and Honest Ed’s, while another depicts Toronto’s native flora and fauna springing forth from the top of the CN Tower.

The experience will also harness the momentum behind Toronto’s burgeoning commercial development by bringing together a unique blend of resident brands — some well-established, some new, all Sovereign State clients for whom the boutique design agency has done design work — representing some of the best facets of Toronto culture.

“The event will be blended and immersive,” says Joel Gregorio of Sovereign State. “We’re not force-fitting the brands for a collective experience. We’re ensuring that each collaborator enjoys their space as part of the total experience. For the participant, the event should feel cohesive, encompassing and consistent in energy and feel.”

As guests enter the event at the Gladstone Hotel, the prints from State Goods and its collaborators will be framed and displayed throughout the space. DJs and vocalists from Toronto-based record company Pirates Blend will be on hand, performing throughout the night in a live organic jam session. Toronto craft brewery Brimstone Brewing Company will be launching two new beers at the event, which will be made available throughout the night, and bartenders from Toronto’s Montauk Bar will also be serving a custom cocktail, with food being provided in the Gladstone Cafe by Porchetta & Co. sandwiches.

On top of offering an experiential treat for culturally-inclined Torontonians, the event will also offer the participating brands the opportunity to enjoy exposure to new audiences.

“Sovereign State’s process is about brand design solutions and explorations that build relevance and resiliency for our clients,” says Sovereign State Account Director, Arnold Fidelino. “That means we’re always looking at new avenues to build resonance with existing and new audiences. Collaboration and connection are key elements of how we do business and build experiences. This event is one example of how these elements work together to create a unique experience not only for the audiences, but also our clients.”

The collaborative event is being promoted through PR and the Gladstone’s social channels. Following the event, Sovereign State will also be releasing a video to promote the art series, as well as some of the boutique design shop’s other work. The entire collection of State Goods’ prints will be available after the event at its storefront studio on Dundas Street West.

Sovereign State is an idea consultancy specializing in brand strategy, design and development. They build living brands that are relevant, resilient and connected to their stakeholders. By continuously engaging with cultural, consumer and competitive inputs, they enable brands to be adaptable in an ever evolving landscape.
Clients include the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Gladstone Hotel, Enoteca Sociale / Pizzeria Libretto, Pirates Blend, Brimstone Brewing Company, Track & Field (from the owners of Montauk Bar).

State Goods Print created by Ibraheem Youssef

State Good Print created by Joel Gregorio