Advertising Against Humanity

//  12.05.14

As soon as I saw these pop up on my Facebook newsfeed I had to get a pack. And I had to get the lovely guys at Toronto-based The Juggernaut, who created them, some ad PR love. So I offered up a trade – PR for cards.

My 2 packs arrived just after I got this story in Adweek. Good trade, no?

The Juggernaut is a Toronto-based animation, design and visual effects studio – you can see their montage reel below. They created 500 packs of these cards for client gifts, sadly they are not for sale. They are making 500 more though, so maybe if you email them and ask nicely, they’ll send you a pack. It seems they are up for bartering too. The copy for the cards was written by Lyranda Martin-Evans and Travis Cowdy, who work at KBS+P Toronto.

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