New Hybrid Agency Pairs Media with Creative

//  05.22.18
Deep Relevance founders Cory Pelletier and Simon Tuplin

Deep Relevance founders Cory Pelletier and Simon Tuplin

Established by Cory Pelletier and Simon Tuplin, Deep Relevance is reinventing how media and creativity work together.

A new hybrid agency is leading the next wave of industry evolution by placing creative and media at the heart of its business model, enabling clients to work faster and smarter while becoming more relevant to their customers.

Cory Pelletier and Simon Tuplin say that media is being undervalued and improperly used in today’s marketing process. With Deep Relevance, they see a huge brand building opportunity for clients by combining the power of media and creative, which have spent several decades in isolation after creative agencies saw their in-house media departments split off into standalone entities.

“There are a lot of ills in advertising and a number of them stem from the separation of media and creativity,” says Pelletier, who describes the two key functions as “inseparable pillars” at the core of brand marketing communications.

“We are media opportunists. When great creative ideas are tailored to the right media, the success is incredible,” adds Tuplin, whose long freelance creative career has included stops at top shops like Sid Lee, Cossette, Huge and FCB, and whose most recent work was the multi award-winning “Down Syndrome Answers” campaign for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. “It’s about connectivity and making yourself relevant in a cluttered universe.”

“Our approach makes sense because the message and the medium are crafted together up front in our process,” says Pelletier, who has worked in senior management roles within both media and creative agencies. “Right now, the creative idea is developed in almost complete isolation from where it’s going to live. We are changing that.”

In addition to his time at global media shops,  which included building TAXI’s media department from scratch and managing its first media clients, Pelletier consulted directly with clients on how to bring services in-house. It’s this experience that’s given him a very unique perspective on how to structure processes and services to get the best results for clients.

Deep Relevance is committed to reviving clients’ faith in advertising and proving that it can still grow brand value. Their sole purpose is to create amazing ideas that actually connect and sell product as the two shouldn’t be separate.

Their new hybrid agency model offers a full suite of plug-and-play services. With this versatile model, they can help clients with connection planning, brand strategy, data insights or full creative projects.

The agency is also launching a proprietary rating system called the Deep Relevance Brand Score. It will audit and calculate a brand’s health score to help clients identify areas where they can build, increase and sustain aspects of their brand’s overall health.

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