The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Watching a Showreel

//  09.30.20

alter ego Takes Showreels to the Next Level

Explosions, cars – lots of cars, sky replacements, and sports, sports, sports are something to sing about in alter ego’s latest 2020 colour reel.

Toronto-based commercial colour and visual effects house alter ego takes showreels to the next level with original music written specifically for the reel by Jeff Moberg and Julie Neff.

“I wanted to create a reel that is watchable from start to finish. Making a little bit of fun of showreels in general,” says Eric Whipp, Senior Colourist and Partner, alter ego. “The lyrics of the song are almost like what we would say in our heads when cutting a reel, so why not say it out loud with some humour?”

Well, mission accomplished. I enjoyed this reel so much that I watched it three times in a row. The highlights for me are “oh, look at those sparks”, “and don’t forget about celebrities”, “sports, sport, sports, sports”, and “montage, montage, montage, montage.” And that “happy” and “dancing” stuff is pretty funny too.