Salvador Valdez Joins School Editing

//  03.01.21

School’s newest editor is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. But he’s no stranger to Sid Lee, Cossette, LG2, Publicis, and The&Partnership.

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Meet Salvador Valdez, but you can call him Sol. This English, French, and Spanish-speaking Montrealer has just joined School Editing and has been busy making a name for himself cutting spots for a handful of well-known Toronto agencies. His recent work includes a collaboration with Untitled Films director Ivan Grbovic on “A Street Named Joy” Canada Post’s magical holiday campaign featuring singing mailboxes for The&Partnership.

“We were delighted to make a connection with Sol,” says Sarah Brooks, Executive Producer/Partner, School Editing. “His creative and technical skills are beyond compare. Sol developed his editorial style working closely with directors and creative teams in the Quebec market. With the evolution of remote editing capabilities, we have the opportunity to introduce new talent, like Sol to the Toronto market. He is incredibly thoughtful and collaborative. Plus, you have to love an editor who can order a round in English, French, and Spanish!”

Valdez, who made his mark directing and editing music videos in Quebec for some of France’s ‘It’ talent before moving into commercial post production. “My Dominican heritage has definitely influenced me to appreciate music and has been an inspiration for my editorial style,” he says.

He also developed the skills required to colour and finish his own work along the way. In addition to his outstanding editorial talent, he delivers incredible VFX work, landing big jobs for brands including Air Transat, Orange, and Rona.

“While I love big epic spots, I’m in my element editing everything from emotional to comedy and fast-paced stories,” adds Valdez. “It’s hard for me to be only one kind of editor. I have many shades to who I am editorially, and School Editing has the expertise and right combination of people to support and take my career to new heights. I’m really looking forward to working with the creatives in the Toronto market.”

Click here to see Sol’s full commercial reel.

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