Tristan Barrocks Joins Undivided

//  08.12.22


Tristan Barrocks is the newest addition to Undivided’s growing roster, bringing more than 20 years of experience as a digital storyteller and film producer to the two-year-old production studio.

The Toronto-born director owns and operates the brand #TheDigitalStorytellers, which uses storytelling to connect brands with consumers. He specializes in grounded, authentic, and human-centred stories that connect with the people who watch them, applying his humanistic approach to work for brands as varied as IKEA Canada, Top Shop, YouTube, Roots Canada, and Apple.

View Tristan Barrocks’ reel.

Barrocks infuses his work with real-life experience garnered from his experience as a husband and father. With a passion for storytelling told from a humorous perspective, he is adept at connecting with others, leading to a deep understanding of how to present their story.

Several of his projects over the years, including 2018’s Connecting the Dots and 2020’s Praise & Worship, have been screened at film festivals including the Hollywood North Film Festival and the Toronto Black Film Festival.

“The collection of work that I have been fortunate enough to create speaks to my perspective on life and the humanity we all share,” says Barrocks, who has produced projects across Canada and the U.S., in addition to South Africa, Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Bermuda.

Barron’s work bears an honesty and sensitivity that great storytelling depends on, say Undivided co-founders Nikki Ormerod and Scott Houghton, while being a young father provides a fresh perspective and vulnerability seldom seen in an artist.

The co-founders witnessed Barrock’s capabilities first-hand during a recent 10-day shoot for Cossette on behalf of its client, YouTube. The shoot took Undivided and Barrocks across the country to shoot a variety of young YouTube creators.

“A project of that size might intimidate an artist, but Tristan jumped in head-first and absolutely wowed us with attitude, professionalism and creativity,” said Ormerod. “To say we’re excited about what’s to come would be an understatement.”