Kate Ince Joins Westside Studio

//  02.14.23


Toronto’s Westside Studio has added a pop of colour to its roster with the addition of award-winning food photographer Kate Ince.

With a style that favours vibrant colours channeled through a pop art sensibility, Ince has assembled an impressive portfolio working with some of the country’s best-known food and beverage brands.

Her work has appeared in leading magazines and in ads for some of the food world’s best-known brands, including Campbell’s, KitKat, Kellogg’s Special K and Vector brands, M&Ms, Pepsi, and Empress Gin.

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Ince, who describes herself as “obsessed with all things culinary and colour” is known for her colour-rich photography and a fondness for the fun and quirky.

Westside Studio’s Director of Sales Caitlin Jeffery said that the company has been following Ince closely for some time, attracted by her “colourful, fresh and impactful” imagery, but it was her collaborative nature that convinced the company to add her to its roster.

“Kate brings a lot to the table,” says Jeffery. “She’s a true collaborator with an eye for composition, and she knows that working with a strong team is the magic ingredient that brings all of the pieces together.”

“I’m excited to be a part of the Westside family. They give me support, encouragement, and access to industry leaders,” says Ince. “They also give me a space to create without limits, while being part of a community of like-minded people.”

Photographer Kate Ince

Food Photographer Kate Ince

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