See The Trafficking Signs

//  02.22.23


JSF_Posters_School The Joy Smith Foundation and Diamond launch national awareness campaign “See The Trafficking Signs”

Sex trafficking is a growing crisis in cities and towns across Canada, with youth being manipulated and forced into sex trafficking every day. The Joy Smith Foundation has launched “See the Trafficking Signs,” a powerful national awareness and education campaign intended to prevent Canadian youth from being lured into the sex trade.

Created by Toronto agency Diamond, the campaign is designed to educate people on the common signs that someone may be at risk of being groomed and lured into sex trafficking.

“Education is our greatest weapon in prevention,” says Janet Campbell, CEO and President of the Joy Smith Foundation, Canada’s leading authority on the prevention and intervention of human trafficking. “Predators shouldn’t be the only ones who recognize who is most vulnerable. When each of us know the signs to watch for, we can all take steps to keep it from happening.”

The harrowing campaign video, directed by Taylor Reid of Untitled Films, gives a first-hand look at how people are slowly groomed and coerced by sex traffickers. “It was the first time I really felt special,” says one person atop a pleasant musical background. The video takes on an increasingly darker tone as it progresses throughout four different story lines, explaining how their traffickers began exerting more control—from getting them to wear clothing he liked, to buying them a second phone. It ends with the message that someone nearby is being lured into the sex trade. The spot is being promoted online as well as on TV across Canada.

“The warning signs of sex trafficking are there in plain sight, if you know what to look for,” says Dave Stevenson, SVP Creative Director at Diamond. “This campaign is about making trafficking signs as obvious as traffic signs to give every Canadian the know-how to keep youth safe.”

The national awareness campaign is also being supported by an extensive paid and organic social campaign using out-of-home and digital banners. The campaign’s out-of-home component includes posters that will be placed in schools, each showing various youth inside the campaign’s visual motif, a triangular warning sign. The ads also feature an overview of the nine warning signs that someone is being groomed by a trafficker. All the campaign assets drive to the website, which contains additional information.

To help amplify the message, Diamond and the Joy Smith Foundation are also partnering with influencers whose combined reach exceeds more than 1.5 million to help spread the message. Each influencer is being given a red “Warning Signs” shirt, as well as a print of each of the nine warning signs to talk through:

– New clothing, jewelry or gifts without having money
– Frequent sleepovers at a friend’s house
– Sudden interest in a man several years older
– A sudden change in style of dress or makeup
– A new circle of friends and isolation from their old group
– Change in attitude towards school, regular activities, friends
– Grades dropping
– Unexplained cuts or bruises
– Using two cell phones

The awareness campaign is being supported by police at both the national and regional levels, reflecting the fact that sex trafficking is widespread, occurring in communities both large and small and from coast to coast.

“It takes a nation to stop human trafficking,” says Joy Smith, Founder of the Joy Smith Foundation. “We need to join forces with our police agencies, our survivors, and our communities to bring awareness to this horrific crime. The See the Trafficking Signs campaign enables everyone to participate. You could save a child. It could be your own.”





About the Joy Smith Foundation
The Joy Smith Foundation works to provide access to information so that every Canadian man, woman and child is educated and empowered to stay safe from manipulation, force, or abuse of power designed to lure and exploit them in the sex trade or forced labour. For more information:


Title: See The Trafficking Signs
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CEO and President: Janet Campbell
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