Here I Am

//  04.04.23


Life expectancy for Canadians with Down syndrome has more than doubled over the past 40 years—from 25 years in 1983 to over 60 years today. Yet many people still have the false assumption that individuals with Down syndrome do not live into their senior years. This is partially due to a serious lack of representation of people with Down syndrome over 40 across all media, including the imagery used to represent the community. The “Here I Am” photo essay, created by the Canadian Down Syndrome Society and photographer Hilary Gauld, refutes this misconception.

Here is some of the publicity we obtained on this project: CTV’s Your Morning (video above), CTV NewsCityNews, AdAge, Toronto Star, Postmedia’s Healthing, People, Bright SideMuse by Clio, The Message, Vancouver is Awesome, Strategy, Winnipeg Free Press, Maria Shriver’s The Sunday Paper.

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