Zulu Alpha Kilo Creates a Unique and Adaptable School Desk for D2L

//  05.23.23


D2L Reimagines School Desk Design to Show the Benefits of Personalized Education

Working with Zulu Alpha Kilo, the global learning innovation company created a unique school desk customizable to individual student needs.

Over decades, education has changed, but one aspect of the classroom has remained resolutely firm: the school desk.

Now, D2L, a global learning technology company transforming the way the world learns, has unveiled a one-of-a-kind example of how rethinking of the school desk demonstrates how a more personalized approach to learning can benefit learners from primary school to working age.

Working with Toronto design and creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, D2L has created a unique, adaptable school desk which, like D2L’s online learning platforms, such as D2L Brightspace, may be personalized according to a student’s needs. The desk – the only one of its kind – is a metaphor for D2L’s foundational belief that learning can change the world, and was designed to embody this philosophy, which D2L has followed for over 20 years, helping to deliver learning to millions around the globe.

Zulu Alpha Kilo conceived the desk and brought it to life in partnership with acclaimed industrial designer Miles Keller, based on input from teachers and students of all ages. While traditional desks aren’t built with every student in mind, the team went directly to its users and asked them to imagine the perfect desk.

“It’s a desk that’s different for every kid, because every kid is different,” says Keller. “I’m hoping that with a little refinement, we might eventually see desks like this in classrooms around the world.”

“D2L has always been guided by the simple idea that every learner is unique, and that their learning platform should be, too. With the right tools, we can help partner with educators to create meaningful learning moments for people throughout their learning journey,” says John Baker, CEO of D2L. “The desk is a metaphor – a tangible example of how people benefit from being able to adapt their learning environment to better fit their learning needs and help them generate those sparks of enlightenment that lead to growth, innovation and transformation.”

“The D2L Desk uses hinged panels made from Nordic wood – inspired by traditional school desks – that can be moved to create different shapes, accommodating students who might prefer to lay back and read, those who like to work alone or in pairs, or even students who might want something new each day,” says Brian Murray, Chief Creative Officer at Zulu Alpha Kilo.

The desk is being promoted by a video showing its creation. The video is running across YouTube, LinkedIn, Meta, Reddit, and Google’s DV360, with targeted PR by Walker Sands.



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Title: D2L Desk
Client: D2L
Senior Director, Global Digital Experience: David Demoe
CEO: John Baker

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Creative Chairman: Zak Mroueh
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Murray
Creative Director/Copywriter: Jonah Flynn
Creative Director/Art Director: Michael Siegers
Business Group Director: Lisa Walton-Rixon
Account Director: Erika Dafoe, Shauna McKenna
Chief Strategy Officer: Maxine Thomas

Industrial Design: Miles Keller, Dystil

Production: Zulubot
Senior Producer: Laura Dubcovsky
Content Producer: Colleen Allen
Executive Producer: Adam Palmer
Director: Jessie Posthumus

PR: Walker Sands

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