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Bensimon Byrne  //  05.29.24

Casey House creates fictitious drug, Stigmavir, to smash HIV stigma within the health care system

Specialty hospital uses Gloria Gaynor’s I will Survive to create …

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2SLGBTQI+  //  11.13.23

As a committed ally, White Ribbon releases Short Life Stories addressing violence against the transgender communities

Over sixty per cent of Canadians fear for the …

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AI  //  08.08.23

The feeling of driving the new Audi Q8 e-tron is artfully envisioned by A.I.

Bensimon Byrne and 1stAveMachine create a first-of-its-kind test-drive with supermodel Coco …

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Bensimon Byrne  //  07.19.23

Director X and Mustafa Share Their Vision of Toronto

“You Gotta See What We See”, the new campaign for Destination Toronto created by Bensimon Byrne, …

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Bensimon Byrne  //  11.29.22

White Ribbon’s “I Knew All Along” addresses the anxieties of raising a daughter

70% of Canadians are anxious about raising daughters due to challenges for …

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