Flying Monsters

//  03.21.11

Flying Monsters

Blacklist’s Dvein have created some pretty creepy (creepy good) Flying Monsters for Terminix via Publicis, Dallas.

“In creating “Flying Monsters” for Terminix we wanted to develop a 3D creature unlike the typical blockbuster, high-budget movies,” says Dvein. “We wanted it to be unique an atypical to make the commercial grab the viewers attention off the top. We decided to work with real land animal characteristics – large animals that would move in a massive stampede, like buffalos and elephants, but which also had the ability to fly. The idea was building a collage of attributes, forms and textures that were also in line with a termite’s modus operandi. At the same time, our ideas had to go in the same direction as the client’s, but without losing the organic forms, Dvein’s signature.”

More info from Dvein, full credits and a selection of stills are posted