Blacklist’s Dvein Makes Freaky Monsters for Terminix

//  06.10.11

Dvein’s “Flying Monsters” for Terminix via Publicis Dallas may have previously caught your eye, but now the entire campaign has been completed featuring four unique and completely different fantastical beasts to get the message out about pest control.

The three new spots in the campaign, “Kitchen“, “Pantry” and “Beams“, use high-end 3D animation to liken termite, cockroach and ant infestations to the creeping specters of disease and structural damage. Dvein animated the creatures using a combination of manual and simulation tools, such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, After Effects and Nuke, to give each action-packed ad as natural a feel as possible, amplifying the realism of each monster’s weight and anatomy with strategic camera framing. “In this project it’s pretty clear that we have a taste for realistic, organic forms,” they say. “Our influences are traditional animation techniques and the cross-section between disgustingness and cuteness.”

Dvein are represented by Blacklist in the US. Full credits.