Psyop & Blacklist for Xerox

//  04.26.12


Psyop and Blacklist partnered up for an ambitious mixed media project that combines printed paper, stop-motion and a dash of CG to tell the story of Xerox via Y&R, New York.

Shot in one room with a solitary Xerox MFP, Psyop’s Laurent Barthelemy and Blacklist’s Denis “Cisma” Kamioka co-direct the tale of Xerox’s services, technology and expertise through constant movement and playful applications of paper.

It was nearly 75 years ago when Chester Carlson invented xerography for one simple reason:  finding an easier way to replicate and share information. Fast forward to today, and Xerox remains true to this heritage: providing simple answers to complex business problems through diverse outsourcing services, innovative document technology and brilliant brain trust of Xerox people.

There’s also this behind the scenes video.

Spot title: A World Made Simpler…by Xerox
Client Company: Xerox
Agency: Y&R, New York
Executive Creative Director: Jim Radosevic
Art Director: Kleber Menezes
Copywriter: Corey Rakowsky
Executive Producer: Robert Beck
Producer: Craig Sklaver
Production Company: Psyop / Blacklist
Director: Psyop / Cisma
Creative Directors: Laurent Barthelemy, Denis Kamioka
Psyop Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Blacklist Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Producer: Ave Carrillo, Erik Gullstrand
Live Action Producer: Gabi Hahn
VFX Supervisor: Joerg Liebold
Designers: Naomi Chen, Eunice Kim
Editor: Sam Goetz
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Lead Technical Director: George Smaragdis
Animation: Ryan Moran, Helene Park, Sophie Gate
VFX: George Smaragdis, Jordan Harvey
Light: Fabio Piparo
Lead Tracking: Bogdan Mihajlovic
Compositing: Herculano Fernandez
Flame: Aniello Zampella, Fabien Coupez
Live Action Production Company: Parnoid BR
Executive Producer: Egisto Betti
Production Manager: Gabi Hahn
First Assistant Directors: Camila Andreoni, Renata Salloum
Director of Photography: Pierre Kerchove
Art Director: Olivia Helena Sanches
Stop Motion: Fabio Yamagi, Banzai Studios