Instagram Film Trailers

//  03.25.13

Here’s an awesome idea from Cossette (Toronto) for the Silent Film Festival – using Instagram to make silent film trailers.

There are three trailers on Toronto Silent Film Festival’s Instagram accounts – @tsff_1, @tsff_2, and @tsff_3. You can get an idea of the experience in the case study video above, but you should really check them out on Instagram.

Developed by Cossette in Toronto, the Instagram account uses the slideshow view mode within the popular mobile app to simulate a classic film effect, giving filmgoers a handheld example of a classic silent film.  In fact, the logic of the slideshow is the same basic premise that was used in the discovery of the film medium in its infancy.

“Everyone knows that showing clips of a film can drum up interest.” says Cossette Co-Chief Creative Officer Matt Litzinger. “We wanted to create a sort of “trailer” of our own, and thought this new and unique use of Instagram could bring the films to life and draw attention to the festival. It feels appropriate to be using a technology like Instagram to promote the silent film technique, which in its day was every bit as ground-breaking and innovative as digital platforms are today.”

The Toronto Silent Film Festival runs from April 4th to 9th.


Project: Instagram Trailers
Client: Toronto Silent Film Festival

Agency: Cossette, Toronto
Co-Chief Creative Officers: Matthew Litzinger, David Daga
Creative Director: Matthew Litzinger, David Daga
Copywriter: Sebastian Lyman
Art Director: Pepe Bratanov
Account Team: Jason Melhuish