Skateboard Design School

//  01.22.15

Anomaly + Oasis Skateboard Factory:
Developing the next generation of brand builders, designers and kick-ass entrepreneurs

Here’s a super cool project – those kids above, they designed the skateboards they are holding – and created their own businesses to brand and market them. They even got high school credits for doing it. The skateboarding pipe pic is their graduating class photo. And it’s way better than any school pic I ever had.

Anomaly, a new-model creative agency based in Toronto, is in its 2nd year of an on-going partnership with Oasis Skateboard Factory, an award-winning, Toronto District School Board alternative high school program that allows at-risk students to earn high school credits by running a skateboard and design company.

“We have been thrilled with the results of connecting our students to high-profile, real-world learning opportunities through this partnership.” Said Craig Morrison, Founder of the Oasis Skateboard Factory. “We’ve really embraced this opportunity to work with Anomaly – who shares our values and our culture, and has shared its’ considerable talents with our community to make a difference.”

As part of this innovative partnership, students are matched with mentors from Anomaly who coach and support them through the development of their skateboard brands from the ground up – including naming, brand manifesto and visual identity – and through their professional development as entrepreneurs. A classroom learning series teaches and develops essential business and life skills which are then applied and evaluated by peers and mentors.

For the first time ever, Anomaly will be hosting a pop-up shop to showcase the total of 23 new brands that have been created by the students over the course of the semester.

“To create 23 brands from scratch is totally insane – it’s unheard of – but OSF does it every year. It’s a testament to the raw talent and energy of the students and mentors.” Said Pete Breton, Partner and ECD of Anomaly​.​ “They’ve built and designed their own boards and in many cases are hand-making their own merchandise – from t-shirts to hats to stickers to art pieces – all of which are available for sale. We could not be more thrilled to create a platform to show off their incredible work.”

The students also had the opportunity to collaborate creatively with world-famous street artist ROADSWORTH and illustrator Andrew Pommier to create custom OSF skateboard decks which will also be showcased at the event. This event is an official listing of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival and is open to the public.

Event title: Oasis Skateboard Factory presents “The Youth are Revolting: A Pop-Up Shop and Graduation Celebration”
Date: Friday, January 23rd, 2015
Time: 7:00-10:00pm
Location: Anomaly Office (46 Spadina Avenue, Suite 200)

Founded in 2004, Anomaly is a difficult to define, but exciting to work at ‘new model’ agency with offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, Toronto, and Shanghai. The agency’s blue chip client roster includes ASOS, Budweiser, Converse, Diageo, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Google, Marriott Hotel Group, Nike, P&G, Sky, and Universal Music. Anomaly has been recognized for a very wide range of work including Gold Effies for effectiveness in Media Strategy and as a Brand Owner; Lions, Cyber Lions, and Grand Prix from Cannes; a Mercury Music Prize; and two Emmys for a TV series the agency created and co-owns.

Oasis Skateboard Factory is an alternative high school program for at-risk youth where students earn credits by running a skateboard and design company. Our end of semester show and pop-up shop will feature student design collaborations with Anomaly, 3D printed skateboard sculptures with Sculptraits, collaboration boards with world famous street artist ROADSWORTH and the release of the new Andrew Pommier designed OSF shop deck, featuring gnarly rat kings, the OSF official mascot.