Pluvio Art Umbrellas

//  02.10.16

Jonathan Bonder, who is from Toronto but is now Vancouver-based and a former film and TV sound designer, has launched a passion project, Pluvio Umbrella. Having visiting Vancouver on many occasions, I totally understand why.

Bonder noticed a real lack of stylish and well-made umbrellas in the marketplace, so he decided to start his own line and online store. Pluvio,, launched earlier this month and features seven high-quality limited edition umbrellas designed by prominent artists.

Each design is limited to 200 umbrellas and is tagged with the Edition number. Designs will not be restocked. Pluvio’s sell for $49 USD and ship worldwide. Free shipping is provided to US and Canadian customers while the international shipping fee is $7. For each Haiti: Beauty vs. Poverty umbrella sold, $5 is being donated to charity (Conservation International).

“I wanted to create a product that’s more than just an umbrella.” said Jonathan Bonder, founder and CEO. “It’s a new platform for showcasing amazing contemporary art. Pluvio’s are equal parts design and function. Umbrellas are mostly mundane and I wanted to make them cool. People have to settle for product that lacks style and I want to change that by creating really cool umbrellas.”

Pluvio umbrellas are made with premium materials to provide a strong, durable product. Windstorm safe frames have a chrome and nickel coating. Quality is reinforced with black fibreglass ribs and a rubber matte handle with an auto-open push button. Pluvio’s are foldable and have a designed pouch with a strap.

Artist Lev Yilmaz created the video, “A Pluvio Umbrella Tale,” which is posted above.

Pluvio has collaborated with the the following artists to create 7 unique umbrellas:

Alex Pardee (California) – Nightmare
Ami Vitale (Montana) – Haiti: Beauty vs. Poverty
Chuck Anderson (Chicago) – Night Vision
Illustrated Ink (Texas) – Skullerfly Beauties
Ramon Bruin (Netherlands) – Hold On
The London Police (London) – 5 Dogs Called Barry
Sasha Unisex (Moscow) – Frisky Fox

About Pluvio Umbrella
Pluvio Umbrella was founded by Torontonian Jonathan Bonder in Vancouver, British Columbia. The (online) store launched on February 2 2016, selling limited edition umbrellas with cool designs from curated artists.