Subaru Dark Sky

//  05.30.16

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Glossy partnered with Toronto-based Red Urban to promote its new campaign for the Subaru Outback, called “Dark Sky.”

Developed in partnership with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, #SubaruDarkSky is an initiative that seeks to inspire Canadians’ inner stargazer by sparking their desire and curiosity to see what’s ‘up there’ — the billions of bright little lights that illuminate the vast expanse of sky above. #SubaruDarkSky kicked off with a digital video depicting a family that heads out in their Subaru Outback to a remote location outside the city so they can gaze upon the grandeur of starry sky uninhibited by artificial light. The video, which will also appear in cinemas, will serve as launchpad for an ongoing, multichannel effort encouraging Canadians to head out out under starry skies across the country. Read the press release.

The campaign was featured in Marketing, Adweek, StrategyApplied Arts, Ads of the World, AdNews.