Notes – A Love Story

//  02.13.17


Short film captures the lost love of the handwritten note.

BBDO Toronto has released an emotional short film for west end Toronto stationary store, Take Note, reminds us of the power of putting pen to paper. This heartwarming film tells the life-long story of a relationship between two people from the handwritten notes they leave each other.

Released in time for Valentine’s day, this love story is particularly poignant given the dominance of today’s digital communication. Texts, emails, and posts have largely replaced the role that handwritten letters, cards, and notes once served. In fact, a study by Docmail found that 1 in 3 adults hasn’t had reason to handwrite anything for six months.

Many are quick to point out the downside of this change. Author Philip Hensher, in his Wall Street Journal article, ‘The Lost Art of the Handwritten Note,’ argues, “Email and text exchanges won’t be treasured in the way that my teenage letters, scribbled journals and postcards have been for years.”

Jolanta Petrycka, the owner of Take Note, has seen this shift first hand, but doesn’t believe that handwritten letters and notes are a thing of the past. “Most of our day to day communication now is very utilitarian. But still, there’s nothing like receiving a handwritten letter in the mail or a note from someone you love.”

That’s exactly what advertising agency, BBDO Toronto, set out to capture with this piece. “Leaving a note for someone is so much more personal and thoughtful than a text,” says Chris Booth, an Associate Creative Director behind the work. “We wanted to remind people how meaningful such a simple thing can be.”

The film was released on Take Note’s Facebook page on Wednesday, and has already garnered more than 2000 views with no bought media support. The retailer which sells specialty pens and stationary from around the world is planning to support the video with promoted posts through the month of February.

Client: Take Note
Title: Notes

Agency: BBDO Toronto
V.P. / Associate Creative Director: Chris Booth
V.P. / Associate Creative Director: Joel Pylypiw
SVP, Executive Creative Director: Denise Rossetto
SVP, Executive Creative Director: Todd Mackie
V.P Group Account Director: Rebecca Flaman
Agency Producer: Beatrice Bodogh

Production Company: Skin & Bones
Directors: Chris Booth / Joel Pylypiw
Producer: Chelsea Strachan
Director of Photography: Kris Belchevski

Editorial: Saints
Transfer & Online: Alter Ego
Online Editor: David Whiteson
Off Line Editor: Brian Williams
Colorist: Tricia Hagoriles

Music & Sound Design: Fraser MacDougall & Tim White, Imprint Music