Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle

//  03.22.17


Toronto-based advertising agency Red Lion, working with The Toronto Silent Film Festival, has created the first Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle.

“We have been partners with The Toronto Silent Film Festival for some time now and every year I’m impressed with their desire to push the envelope creatively, to want a creative execution that can be noticed globally,” said Matt Litzinger, President, Chief Creative Officer of Red Lion.

This year, the festival featured a series of films previously thought to be lost forever, only to be brought back to life through a meticulous restoration process. It was that process that led to the idea of a jigsaw puzzle.

“For silent film historians, piecing together a lost silent film is much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It can take hundreds of hours sifting through what felt like random pieces to revive just one film,” said Litzinger.

The Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle is the first of its kind and is a fully interactive experience that leverages Instagram’s new Save feature. To put the puzzle together, the user has to search for and save each piece in the correct order. Once the user has the right order, the original image will appear in their personal Saved feed. It may seem simple, but with 21 pieces and 51,090,942,171,709,440,000 combinations, the puzzle is much harder than it seems. In fact, for the first time ever, TSFF is offering a prize for seven people that complete the puzzle.

Go to @TSFF2017_puzzle to begin.

“The Toronto Silent Film Festival continues to grow, and each year the challenge is to do something on Instagram to reflect how innovative silent films were in their day,” said Litzinger. “It’s a dream creative challenge. And putting the puzzle together is actually pretty fun.”

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Credits are at the bottom of this page.

Title: Instagram Jigsaw Puzzle
Client: The Toronto Silent Film Festival

Advertising Agency: Red Lion Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Litzinger
Associate Creative Director: Pepe Bratanov
Senior Copywriter: Kyle Carpenter
Copywriter: Andrew Parsons
Designer: Christopher McCluskey
Client Service Director: Kaitlin Doherty
Account Supervisor: Amanda McMillan 
Account Coordinator: Rebecca Damiani
Producer: Meghan Cassidy
Producer: Alisa Pellizza

Film, Instagram, Silent Film