The Call That Comes After

//  03.15.17

Glossy partnered with FCB/SIX and Drug Free Kids Canada on their latest awareness campaign aimed to start a conversation between teens and their parents on the dangers of high driving.

At, parents create a custom video for their teen. They are asked to input their child’s name and mobile number, as well as the name or nickname they use for a parent on their mobile device (eg: “mom”).

A video is then sent to the intended recipient (their teenage child), showing a group of likeable teens that make the fateful decision to drive after smoking marijuana. The video culminates with a crash, followed by a series of frantic texts from a parent asking if they are okay.

The message then makes an unexpected jump to real-life as the same increasingly frantic messages begin appearing on the teen’s phone, abruptly transforming them from a passive viewer to an active participant in the narrative. The synchronicity of the user experience is achieved through the unprecedented integration of five technology platforms: IBM’s Marketing Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, SMS, YouTube and an on-demand video rendering engine. Read more about the campaign here.

Here’s some of the coverage on the campaign: Global News The Morning Show, CityNews, CTV News, One More Second, FCB/SIX and the campaign were featured in Adweek’s Agency 3.0 featureAd of The Day on The Drum, Editor’s Pick on Creativity, Strategy, AgencySpy, LS:N Global, MediaPost, DivergeLittle Black Book and it was included in Strategy’s tech-based award show contenders.