Recipe Videos With a Twist

//  05.03.17


How to Make a Meal for Cows, Pigs and Chickens. 
Stubborn Farmer social campaign serves up recipe videos with a twist.

A campaign for food box delivery service Stubborn Farmer is putting a humorous twist on popular social-media recipe videos. The Beaverton, Ontario-based farm, which services key Toronto neighbourhoods (Leaside, Bloor West, Parkdale, The Junction, York and Durham regions – namely Newmarket, Aurora, Uxbridge, Keswick), produces a crop of more than 30 vegetables and raises cows, chickens, pigs and sheep.

Rather than showcase what goes into the boxes, three spots from Toronto-based creative agency Rain43 go further down the food chain to highlight the company’s commitment to transparency while encouraging customers to sign up for spring/summer vegetable and meat deliveries.

Each of the spots – “Cows,” “Chickens” and “Pigs” – shows an empty bowl being filled with fresh and wholesome looking greens, such as pesticide-free grass, organic clover and alfalfa blossoms, plus a few off-kilter ingredients, such as worms. Everything is then arranged into an artful salad.

It is then revealed that the finished product is not for human consumption, but is actually animal feed, and the tagline appears:
“Our cows eat healthy so you can eat healthy.”
“If this is how healthy our pigs eat, imagine how healthy you’ll eat.”
“We care as much about what our chickens eat, as you eat.”

“At the Stubborn Farmer, the animals are raised and treated ethically, and are fed real food that is almost always grown by the farmer himself, or in the case of the cows, the pasture that they graze on,” says Jane Murray, Executive Creative Director, Rain43. “Because of this, we could film the animals just being themselves on the farm – no sets, no cleaning up for the camera, no hiding anything. By showing how well the animals eat, we let potential customers know that ultimately, they will eat well too.”

Produced by Rain43’s in-house content department, the spots will appear as Facebook and Instagram posts geo-targeted at health conscious customers living in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

“People are very engaged with food on social media,” says Rain43 copywriter Megha Kumar. “They love looking at recipe videos, liking them, and sharing them. So, we thought we’d tap into the popularity of this format by turning it on its head.”

Rain43 has been working with the Stubborn Farmer since 2010, developing their brand, managing their website and assisting on events and customer outreach.

“From the beginning, Rain43 has been outstanding in their encouragement of our farming venture and our success,” says Stubborn Farmer founder Dave Glass. “They truly understand our vision and have developed and supported us every step of the way.”

About Stubborn Farmer:
The Stubborn Farmer is father and son team, Dave and Gregory Glass. They are uncompromising and that believe food should be produced with care and patience. It should be wholesome, nourishing and delicious. The animals are treated in an ethical, respectful, and sustainable manner. The farm’s various animals – including cows, chickens, sheep, and pigs – feed and are raised on balanced, fresh, and natural pastures. No artificial food, harmful antibiotics, chemicals, or other pharmaceuticals are fed to the animals. The vegetables are organic and non-GMO, grown without pesticides. As a result, his products – plant and animal – are naturally healthy, nutritious, and flavourful.

About Rain43:
Rain43 is a collective of individuals, from many disciplines, united in our dedication to work that has purpose. Work that nourishes a business, and helps it prosper and grow.

Conceived, produced and edited in-house at Rain43
Spot Titles: Cows, Chickens, Pigs
Client: Stubborn Farmer
Agency: Rain43
Executive Creative Directors: Jane Murray, Dave Stubbs, Duncan Porter
Director/DOP/Senior Art Director: Ian Taylor
Copywriter: Megha Kumar
Editor/Designer: Hilary Mason
Producer: Christine Harron, Agnes Fekete
Account Supervisor: Paisley McNair
Account Executive: Jackie Sands
Planner: Liam Brown