Peoples Celebrates Awkward Moments for Mother’s Day

//  05.06.19


Peoples Jewellers pays tribute to the awkward phase and the incredible moms who put up with them.

This Mother’s Day, Peoples Jewellers is encouraging Canadians to remember their most hilarious childhood phase and the incredible mom who supported them through it.

Peoples Jewellers is celebrating moms and the devotion they have to their kids in a new, lighthearted Mother’s Day campaign called “For All She’s Done.” Featuring real moms and real, awkward childhood stories, this series of TV spots highlights just how much moms do to support their kids.

Each of the three TV spots features a voiceover from an actual mom who has found the ideal Mother’s Day gift at Peoples. They go on to “encourage” their now-grown child to purchase it as a way of saying thanks for supporting them through a particularly awkward childhood phase—like their goth music phase or their do-it-yourself haircut phase. Beautiful jewellery footage is juxtaposed with photos of the kids’ past, demonstrating just how worthy mom is of an exceptional gift this Mother’s Day.

“Our latest television campaign showcases a more lighthearted facet of our Love Is Worth It positioning,” says John McNamara, Vice President of Marketing for Peoples Jewellers. “We wanted to showcase just how much love, and how much patience, moms have for their kids throughout their lives. It’s a love that’s unwavering, and that deserves something truly special.”

“We all went through an awkward phase.” said Laurent Abesdris, Creative Director at Juliet Creative, the agency that worked with Peoples to create the campaign. “Growing up is a formidable experience that can lead us down some ‘interesting’ paths. Luckily for most, the one constant during those formative years is a wonderful, supportive mom who loves and guides us without judgement; a mom that most definitely deserves a big thank you.”

The spots will air until Mother’s Day on May 12.


Client: Peoples Jewellers

Agency: Juliet
Chief Creative Officer: Ryan Spelliscy
Chief Strategy Officer: Sarah Stringer
Head of Client Engagement: Leanne Goldstein
Head of Art: Denise Cole
Creative Director: Laurent Abesdris
Head of Production: Andrew Schulze
Business Lead: Jes Watson

Sparks Productions
Executive Producer: Andrew Crosbie
Director: Larissa Issler
Producer: Trudy Turner
Editorial: Saints Editorial
Editor: Cameron Lasovich
Executive Producer: Stephanie Hickman
Associate Editor: Jake Heise
VFX: Fort York
Flame Artist: Ernie Mordak
Flame Artist: Marco Polsinelli
Producer: Erica Bourgault-Assaf
Sound: Grayson Matthews
Director: Aaron Verdonk
Engineer: Chris Masson