My Better Normal

//  05.20.20


Imagine what the world would look like if the promises we made during COVID-19 were kept. Save a resolution now and it will be returned to you on October 1st, 2021, and discover how simple actions can contribute to a better world. Register your resolution now at

My Better Normal is a positive social experience that consists of a short film and personal digital time capsule, just for you. A collaboration between Locomotive (Montréal) and Nova Film (Québec), this simple project invites anyone to make a personal resolution in a private digital time capsule; a typed or video commitment to yourself to improve on just one thing for your “better normal.”

About 500 days later, your time capsule will find its way to your inbox. You’ll be able to see if you kept your promise to yourself, remember what you were thinking and feeling during this time, and why you resolved to do better in this one small way. Private and confidential, nobody but you will ever see or hear your time capsule. It’s a digital record for you alone.

Better means something different to everyone. Part of this project is the open-ended definition of what a better normal means to you. A resolution could be as simple as pledging to be kinder to ourselves and others, more compassionate, generous, balanced. Or maybe to make healthier choices in the kitchen, learn to garden, volunteer more, slow down, save money, follow dreams, invest time with family, do that thing you’ve been dreaming of, start a business, share more, accumulate less. These are just examples, of course. It’s all up to you.

Many of us find ourselves in a time of introspection. So let’s use this energy in a positive way and focus on aspects of ourselves that we can change, and resolve to do just one thing.


Campaign Title: My Better Normal
Created by: Nova Film and Locomotive

Production Company: Nova Film
Directors: Francois Lallier and Julien Roy
Producer: Alexis Dubosc
Editorial: Nova Film
Editor: Francois Lallier, Julien Roy, David Poulin
Motion Design: Simon Bouchard
Website Design: Locomotive

Music & Sound Design: Studio Expression