Fight the Boredom

//  12.14.20



Perhaps one of the biggest commonalities we’ll all share this holiday season is staying home – which is important but can get really boring. So, to celebrate this unique holiday season, Toronto and Vancouver digital creative agency Pound & Grain created a digital kit designed to “Fight the Boredom”.

“We wanted to share all of the ways that we fight boredom to make staying home for the holidays a blast for our clients,” says Sandy Fleischer, Managing Partner, Pound & Grain. is an anti-boredom website filled with the shop’s favourite card games, customized quizzes that they played throughout the year on Zoom, their favourite shows to binge, Instagram accounts to scroll through, cocktails and dinners to make and songs to work or jam out to. And for their clients and friends, they created a deck of custom made Pound & Grain playing cards.

“For the cards and packaging, we wanted to translate the visuals to fit our overall theme and agency brand,” says Fleischer. “So we went with a playful and fun concept. We take a lot of pride in our attention to detail and craft so we wanted the highest quality production for every deck and card box.”

Aside from wanting their clients and friends to enjoy the quality of the products, they also wanted to spread holiday cheer, playfulness and fun during an uneasy time.



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