Comedy Directors JJ Adler and We The Grimshaws Join The Salmon

//  06.06.24
Comedy directors JJ Adler and We The Grimshaws

Comedy directors JJ Adler and We The Grimshaws

The comedy arm of The Salmon has been hard at work in the gym as of late and is happy to announce a major injection of performance enhancing drugs in the form of two (but technically three) new comedy directors.

With the addition of JJ Adler and the duo We The Grimshaws, The Salmon’s comedy strength has increased significantly. Adam & Dave, the comedy duo who founded the company in 2022, say that they are now closer to their benchmark of being put on a government watchlist for hoarding a dangerous level of comedic talent.

JJ Adler’s finely tuned comedic directing skills, including her trademark ability to combine unique visuals while finding the humour in every detail, can be seen in her notable work for Geico, Gain, Progressive and most recently, Manscaped.

Prior to her commercial film career, JJ Adler was a founding creative and Head Director at The Onion’s Peabody Award-winning web series and IFC TV show, The Onion News Network. Her award-winning short comedy “New Media” premiered at Sundance, and her short documentary “Unattached” won a Student Academy Award. Although Adler is the founder of the US-based Ruckus Films, she began her career shooting commercial films in Toronto, which basically makes her an honorary Canadian.

“We are thrilled to have JJ join our team and country,” says Adam. “If her directing tools were real-world weapons, they would be knives—finely honed and incredibly sharp. Her skills would be as formidable on the cutting board as they would be in the back alley.”

View JJ Adler’s reel.

We The Grimshaws’ comedic chops are as impressive as their name is mysterious. While the “rule of threes” is often cited in comedy, The Salmon politely disagrees, finding real comedy in pairs—specifically, Craig Brownrigg and Brenna Horrocks, AKA We The Grimshaws (mystery solved).

Brownrigg and Horrocks bring years of experience and highly discerning eyes to their wonderfully detailed comedy worlds, showcased in their campaigns for Progressive, Rite Aid, Axos Bank and Zillow.

The duo’s talents are a culmination of their creatively packed backgrounds in commercial film and as an award-winning agency creative, writer and designer. The result combines Brownrigg’s signature grounded comedic tone with Horrocks’ laser-focused eye for detail, a graphic visual style, and their very own playful brand of weirdness. The duo’s comedic partnership was forged by fate and poultry-themed cross-stitch, and they are partners in both creativity and life.

“At the Salmon, we all hope to be honorary Grimshaws in the not-so-distant future,” says Dave. “We hear the ceremony is not for the weak of heart. We are ready.”

View We The Grimshaws’ reel.

Over the past two years since launching The Salmon, Adam & Dave and Executive Producer Natalia Winardi have continued to fill The Salmon’s portfolio and roster with strong comedic work and directorial talent.

“In the marketplace of attention, laughter still trades at a very high value,” says Dave. “Here at The Salmon, we are stacking our portfolio with funny.”