Arrivals + Departures  //  02.12.24

With New Super Bowl spot, Phoenix Wants to Help Canadian Men ‘Rise Again’

New work from Arrivals + Departures discreetly promotes the telehealth company’s erectile …

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Canadian Down Syndrome Society  //  10.26.23

Canadian Down Syndrome Society empowers parents to create “Care Instructions” for the next generation of caregivers

As many people with Down syndrome are living longer …

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CAMH  //  02.14.23

CAMH Wants to Ensure No One is Left Behind

New brand platform puts a stake in the ground against the backdrop of a growing mental …

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Health  //  07.27.22
IMG_6638 (1)

The Garden created an attention-grabbing campaign to combat misconceptions about a new safe injection facility.

Timmins, Ontario is getting its “SHST” together in the difficult …

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Apparel  //  12.06.21

Introducing the Ugly Sweater Passport.

Yes, you can now display your vaccination QR code on a custom sweater.

We’ve all heard of wearing your heart …

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Canadian Down Syndrome Society  //  03.22.21

Investigating how fitness could be one of the most powerful but overlooked tools to improve cognition for people with Down syndrome. The Canadian Down Syndrome Society, …

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Fitness  //  01.07.21

A new global body-positive campaign for FitTrack is redefining health one metric at a time.

For years, the health and fitness industry has told us …

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Health  //  05.14.18

The latest from McCann Canada uses some famous fingers to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer Canada. The video is directed by Ben/Dave of Partners Film.…

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Health  //  03.20.18

FCB Canada and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society launch a “S-Warnings” for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

It’s appropriate—necessary even—to say sorry for being late, …

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