Coupland’s back and he’s chatty

//  09.02.09

Coupland's back and he's chatty

Douglas Coupland is back with Generation A, a follow up to his acclaimed 1991 novel Generation X. It was two years ago when the award-winning campaign, created by Crush, for his last novel The Gum Thief broke. To promote Generation A, Random House Canada again came to Crush (no agency) and this time the book is being launched via a series of podcasts on iTunes. Crush directed and produced the spots along with David Hicks and their sister company Sons and Daughters. At the time of this post, the first three had been launched and the first one is currently the number one most most downloaded podcast on iTunes. I’m a fan of Coupland and I love how the first podcast gives you an intimate look inside his kooky head – and I mean that in the most respectful and nicest of ways. It’s quite a trip. I LOVE the fake ads and the instructions on how to make an Earth sandwich. There’s a little teaser of what to expect on YouTube. The second and third showcase Crush’s visual talents. Can’t wait to check out more.