Meet Mae & Frida

//  11.28.12

Open launches Damiva, a chic feminine health and beauty line.

Toronto-based creative agency Open would like to introduce you to Mae and Frida, the first two products by Damiva, a women’s health and beauty company. Today, Mae by Damiva, a vaginal moisturizer, officially launches.

Open created the identity, branding, product naming, package design and POP poster campaign for Damiva and its products, and the ad campaign that includes such cheeky lines as “drier than a British comedy” and “enough beating around the bush.” Open is also a financial participant in the company.

“One of the founding principles of Open was to engage with clients in a new way including how we get compensated,” said Christian Mathieu, Partner, Open. “Out of the gate we wanted to either develop and own our own brands or partner with new brands. Our partnership with Damiva is our first endeavour of this nature.”

As investors in Damiva, Open foregoes their traditional fee for a profit share.

“We are true partners”, continues Mathieu. “The result is a very open working relationship where we are as much the client, having the same goals and sharing the same success, as we are a creative agency.”

In conjunction with Chia Chia Sun, Damiva Founder and CEO and Toronto-based pharmaceutical entrepreneur, Open has developed two all natural products for women’s health and beauty. In naming the products, Open and Sun looked to strong, heroic and iconic women.

The first product is an all-natural vaginal moisturizer called “Mae by Damiva”. Mae was inspired by Mae West, who was jailed for her Broadway play, Sex. The second product in development, “Frida by Damiva”, is a facial cream to prevent excess facial hair growth and is named after the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. The name Damiva is a combination of “Dame” and “Diva”.

“We choose names for the products that are inspired by our appreciation of strong, heroic women,” adds Martin Beauvais, Partner, Open. “Damiva is about empowering women’s health naturally and breaking the taboos around normal aging for women.”

The Damiva package design aims at developing a conversation with women ages 35 plus. This is why the packaging tells a story.

“We used old school typewriter font to evoke the feeling of a time when people were writing and telling stories,” explains Beauvais. “It is also a very organic and natural way to design – true to the products which are also completely natural.”

“I am grateful to Martin and Christian at Open for their strategic vision, creativity and partnership on a breakthrough brand that seeks to eliminate social taboos for women. We all wanted a brand that empowers women, while demonstrating respect and playfulness. We got it!” Said Chia Chia Sun.

Client: Damiva
Founder & CEO: Chia Chia Sun

Agency: Open

Partner Creative: Martin Beauvais
Partner Strategy: Christian Mathieu
Project Lead: Anne Ngo
Writers: Kate Thorneloe & Claire deMarco
Writer (French): Laurent Prud’Homme
Art Director: Jessica Carter
Designer: Jessica Carter
Mac Artist: Dwain Jones

About Open
Open was founded in 2010 by Martin Beauvais and Christian Mathieu.

About Damiva
Damiva creates health and beauty products that empower women.